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Let’s talk hardwood flooring

“Classic” and “elegant” are often words that one hears in a conversation about wood floors. Yet, our passion for hardwood has more to do with seeing the expression of joy on your face when you see your new wood floor installed and complete. These floors can transform a room but we want to transform your life.

Your hardwood store

We at Carpets Plus Outlet want to be your hardwood retailer. More importantly, we also want to be the store that you recommend to your friends, family, and neighbors. That means we aim to be as helpful as possible as we discuss what kinds of hardwood flooring is best for you.

Many options

Oak, ash, and maple have been classic woods for flooring for generations and they are still a very reliable option from which to choose. If you have a taste for something a little more exotic and unique, we also carry options for you. For instance, have you ever considered a Brazilian cherry or teak for your floor? How about tigerwood or mahogany? They say that the Ark of the Covenant was made from acacia wood; how would you like your floors to be made from the same? And at Carpets Plus Outlet, we are just getting started with the exotic options that are available.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Zion, IL from Carpets Plus Outlet
Would a “green” floor suit you better? Cork flooring is an excellent option. Taken from the bark of the cork oak trees of the Mediterranean, cork is a truly sustainable material that is also biodegradable. Cork offers other benefits as it is a softer floor on which to walk, it is an excellent insulator, and also absorbs sound, making for a quieter space. We would be delighted to show you the samples we offer.

And then, for floors where water is a potential issue, there are engineered wood floors. These are designed to capture the best of both worlds: hardwood and plywood. In turn, they are especially suited for basements, door entryways, and bathrooms where water could present itself. They are durable and every bit as attractive as their solid hardwood cousins.

It is our hope at Carpets Plus Outlet to be your source for wood floors. Whether you live in Racine, Burlington, Salem, Pleasant Prairie, Waukegan, Zion, Gurnee, or our hometown of Kenosha, WI (or any area in between!), call and make an appointment. Let our professional sales staff walk you through the process of choosing wood for your home.

While we have a tremendous selection of in-stock items and samples to choose from, not all items in our online catalog are in the store. If we don’t have a sample in-stock we will order it for you.